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From This Moment – Elizabeth Camden

Summer of Dreams is a short story in relation with this book.

Title: From This Moment

Author: Elizabeth Camden

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: The story takes place in Boston Massachusetts while the city is building their subway system. Stella White is an amazing artist and illustrator. She has recently returned to Boston to find out what happened to her sister Gwen. Stella tries to be inconspicuous, but quickly makes enemies and annoys many. Romulus White has been trying to get Stella to work for his science magazine, Science World. Stella agrees to work for Romulus if he’ll help her find out what happened to her sister. Both are very similar and get along amazingly. But forces are trying to tear them apart. Someone doesn’t want Stella finding out what happened to her sister. Someone else wants to defame and discredit his magazine. Who is responsible? Why does someone want to do this? What really happened to Stella’s sister?

Rating: 3.5 – Good read, some sappy romance, Christian themes, lots of historical facts, realistic relationships, some good plot twists, steady read

Opinion: This was a very steady read. It kept me entertained. There were lots of good historical references. The relationships seem a little cheesy to me but are realistic. The couples talk about their problems and work through them. They fight and argue and storm away. After some time, they return, talk things through, and apologize. In the end they all realize that they are imperfect people trying to work through their imperfections. They try to make each other better. That’s what kept me reading. If you’re looking for a cute romantic, historical fiction book, read From This Moment.


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