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Monster – Frank Peretti

Book Title: Monster

Author: Frank Peretti

Genre: Thriller

Summary: Reed and Rebecca, her friends call her Beck, Shelton are meeting some friends to go camping in the northern Idaho woods. Reed and Beck get to the campsite ahead of their friends. But someone, or something, has ransacked the cabin they were supposed to stay in. They decide to stay and wait for their friends before making any rash decisions. Beck is nervous about setting up camp nearby. That night, they hear terrible screams of a woman. And something responding to it. A creature starts stalking Reed and Beck. They flee. The creature follows. It takes Beck away. Reed helps organize a manhunt to search for Beck. None believe his ‘crazy’ theory. But is it crazy? What is out there? Will it come back? What does it want?

Rating: 4.0 – great book, worth the scientific parts, plenty of plot twists, kept me wanting to read more

My Opinion: This was a great read. It kept me wanting to learn more. Even though it’s easy to figure out what the creature is, I still wanted to know what would happen. Would Beck be safe? Would the others be safe? There is a lot of research that went into this book and it shows. The scientific parts were well described. There is a great explanation of gene modification and some evolution. I was able to follow along with ease. Frank Peretti is known for his Christian themes, he’s been a well known author since the 80’s. He goes off on the mad scientist tangent but shows that not all scientists believe the same things when it comes to their areas of expertise. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I admit it made me late to cover someone for their lunch one day because I was so invested in the book. I will have to reread this book when I have more time to concentrate. If you’re looking for a great, on the edge of your seat, book. I’d recommend Monster by Frank Peretti.

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