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The Hatmaker’s Heart – Carla Stewart

Title: The Hatmaker’s Heart

Author: Carla Stewart

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: Purnella, or Nell as people call her, Marchwoth is an apprentice hat maker in 1922 New York. Originally from England, she works long hours to make ends meet. She’s trying to make a name for herself working for Oscar Field at his milliner’s shop. He’s a hard man to work for, very controlling and stifling and stingy. Oscar is quick to bring up her flaws and shortcomings, including her stutter. But Nell tries hard to please him. She soon impresses some wealthy clients and starts making more and more hats. All the while, Nell goes to see a speech therapist. The therapist starts to uncover the reason for Nell’s stutter. Nell receives an invitation to make hats for some ladies in London for a royal wedding. Oscar takes her and two assistants to help make hats. Oscar works Nell harder and longer hours. There she meet’s an old friend, Quentin, her first love. Emotions arise, but are soon made complicated. Nell learns that Oscar has had her followed. She becomes more and more conflicted about leaving after Oscar fails to deliver on promises. Will Nell stay at Oscar Field’s? Will Nell and Quentin stay friends? Or more?

Rating: 3.0 – There was not an amazing plot. It was hard to relate to the characters. It didn’t seem to have much of internal struggle.

Opinion: I found it hard to connect to the characters in the book. I feel like the author could’ve gone more into the backstories earlier on. While learning about part of 1920’s history was interesting, the plot was simple. There didn’t seem to be much internal conflict in the main characters. The characters made difficult decisions without too much difficulty. The author left it to mystery but I didn’t love how she did it. It was a quick and read. So if you’re looking for that, check this book out.

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