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Pride and Prometheus- John Kessel

Title: Pride and Primetheus

Author: John Kessel

Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction

Plot: Mary and Kitty Bennett are approaching spinsterhood. Their other three sisters (Lizzy, Jane, and Lydia) have been married off (Mr. Darcy, Mr. Bingly, and Mr. Whickam respectively). Mary has applied herself to natural philosophy (what we call science and biology) while Kitty still secretly hopes for a chance for marriage. At a ball, the Bennett family are introduced to Victor Frankenstein and his friend Henry Clarvel. The men are traveling through Europe and making their way to Scotland. Victor and Mary talk for most of the ball, talking and thoroughly enjoying each other’s company, until Victor suddenly disappears. A few weeks later, Victor and Mary meet again. After another engaging conversation, Victor tells Mary of his monstrous creation and what it wants. The creature it turns out has followed Frankenstein to England and is still demanding that Victor make him a companion. Soon after, Kitty takes ill and passes away. Kitty’s body goes missing, Mary suspects Victor, and his creature, had something to do with it. And to top it off, Victor has disappeared again. Will Mary find Victor? What has become of Kitty’s body? Will Frankenstein’s creature have his companion?

Rating: 3.2 – a good read that combines Frankenstein with Pride and Prejudice

Opinion: I enjoyed this book. I thought it was an interesting combination of two well known books. Though, the hopeless romantic in me was hoping for a happier ending. This book changes point of view every chapter. This is one of the few books where I don’t mind where it does this. Usually there’s one point of view, or character, I don’t particularly enjoy reading, but not so in this book. This book is well written, and follows the style of writing of Pride and Prejudice and Frankenstein. It started out well, but ended up sadder than I was expecting. It started more like a Jane Austin book and ended more like a Mary Shelley book. The back made me think it’d be a happier ending book. Nevertheless, it was still a good book. If you enjoy the classics, then I’d recommend this book.

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