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Year of Wonders – Geraldine Brooks

Title: Year of Wonders

Author: Geraldine Brooks

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: It’s 1665 and the black plague is running rampant. Ann Frith’s remote English village seems to be spared from the disease until a stranger visits. Her husband died some time before and she is struggling to care for her children while more and more people get sick. Ann works at the local parish for the priest’s wife. Together, they try their best to save those who are sick. The priest tries to keep the townsfolk’s faith strong while superstition runs rampant. Over the year the plague runs rampant, Ann turns to a healer that uses natural remedies. The townsfolk aren’t so sure of the healer’s remedies. Few trust her remedies and their superstition gets the healer killed. After a year, the plague ran its curse. Someone in town was nursing a grudge and kills the person she felt was responsible for her family’s death. Ann is overcome with guilt. Will they be brought to justice? What will Ann do?

Rating: 3.0 – a good read, a little sad, but good

Opinion: I enjoyed this book. As this book took place during the time of the black plague, I wasn’t sure which characters I could get attached to. I was slightly confused at one of the character’s fate as they hint at it at the beginning. It was one of those ‘what but this is supposed to happen, oh nope never mind, it happened’ moments. I enjoyed learning about life during the black plague time, and what locals did to ‘cure’ and ‘get rid of’ the plague. I’ve heard of the big city doctors, but haven’t really heard of what small towns did, especially if they couldn’t afford the big city doctors or didn’t want to risk the travels. The end strays too far from the original plot for my liking, but it wrapped everything up nicely. Overall this is a good book, and a quick read. It’s a short book so if you’re looking for a quick read, then read this book. It’s a sad book so be prepared for that, too.

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