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Guest Book Review – The Sweetness Followed

Thanks to That Dad Stuff for this review. The Sweetness Followed by James Morley III

“Sweetness Followed is not some feel-good romp but rather an exercise in the slow dramatic burn.   It’s an esoteric tale that can best be described as a hybrid of John Irving and Chuck Palahniuk.  The sweet and the sour to use a food analogy.  It is a small-town drama that looks at life with the glass as having a huge jagged dark crack in it.  Or, to shoot higher, an alternate mythology as to why the world appears so fallen.  Yikes.

“This is a book you want everyone you know to read, but they have to take it on faith because you cannot tell them what it is about. This is a work that seems to be entirely character-driven without an appreciable plot. This will never be in Oprah’s book club, not because it is not worthy, but because it is too deep. Not deep in the way pseudo-academic literature pretends to be; the book is quite clear and quite obvious. But it will hit you in your soul.”

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