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Immanuel’s Veins – Ted Dekker

Title: Immanuel’s Veins

Author: Ted Dekker

Genre: Fantasy, Thriller

Plot: Toma Nicolescu is a highly regarded soldier in the Russian Army. He is tasked with protecting two sisters, Lucine and Natasha Cantemir, and escort them back to Russia. They are staying with Vlad van Valerik. Both Toma and Vlad are taken by Lucine’s beauty. Both try to win her heart. Natasha is instantly taken with the freedom and power Vlad and his people offer. She embraces it wholeheartedly and is slowly transformed into someone else. Vlad offers Lucine the same freedom and power. She is hesitant and can tell something is off. Especially when Toma returns to Vlad’s castle to make sure that the sisters are alright. He feels like something is off. He doesn’t completely buy into Vlad’s story. Vlad and Natasha slowly win her over. While Vlad and Natasha win Lucine to their side, Toma learns more about Vlad and his people. What he discovers shocks him. He rushes back to Vlad’s castle to fight for Lucine’s life and love. But will it be too late? Will Toma be able to save Lucine from a fate worse than death? Is it possible to save the others under Vlad’s control as well? Or will Vlad fully convince Lucine to join him and his people? Will Lucine accept his freedom and power?

Rating: 4.0 – this story is weird but fascinating and it keeps you read

Opinion: I’ve always loved Ted Dekker’s books. This one is no exception. This book is oddly fascinating. There were many times I was thinking uh, this is really weird but this is so fascinating, I want to know more. Ted Dekker took a classic monster legend and made it his own. I loved what he did with it. There were plenty of plot twists to keep me reading. Over the years, I’ve realized that Ted Dekker’s books deal with blood. The book revolves around saving or destroying people with blood. I don’t mind it because Ted Dekker does it in a non violent, non gory way. If you’re looking for an interesting read about history, love, and thrills then I suggest you read this book.

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