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Beyond All Dreams – Elizabeth Camden

Title: Beyond All Dreams

Author: Elizabeth Camden

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: Anna O’Brian is a librarian with the Library of Congress who specializes in maps. One day, she learns of a ship that’s disappeared at sea. Her curiosity gets the better of her and she searches for answers. In Anna’s search for answers, she meets Luke Callahan. Luke is a congressmen, one who’s past haunts him. At first he is hesitant to assist her. Anna wants answers and funds for the new Library of Congress. Luke thinks it’s a waist of money. He brushes her off at first. But Luke is the one of the few people who can help her. Slowly, he starts helping Anna. But some secrets are hidden behind the disappeared ship. People are trying to stop them. What secrets are hidden? Who wants the ship to remain disappeared? Can Anna and Luke ever learn to fully trust each other?

Rating: 3.5 – a good read with some good twists, and sappy romance

Opinion: This was a good book. I love Elizabeth Camden’s books for their history, mystery, and sappy romance. It was filled with accurate historical fiction, mystery, and sappy romance. I wasn’t sure how much political stuff there would be, but there wasn’t. Anna and Luke show a realistic past and overcoming past hurts. They are slow to talk of their pasts and to trust each other with their pasts. I enjoyed that character growth. There was also a fair amount of mystery. There seemed to be more plot twists than other Elizabeth Camden books, but that could’ve been me. If you’re looking for a great book about history, mystery, and sappy romance, then read this book.

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