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The Shadowy Horses – Susana Kearsley

Title: The Shadowy Horses

Author: Susana Kearsley

Genre: Realistic Fiction, Historical Fiction

Plot: Verity Grey is an archeologist searching for the lost Roman legion, the 9th. The 9th vanished after being sent to fight against the northern tribes of present day England and Scotland. She and some other researchers found some evidence of Roman life near the Scottish and English boarder. A boy who lives near the archeological dig says he’s seen the ghost of a Roman soldier who has connections to the 9th. Verity is skeptical. Her boss is not. He’s insistent that they’ve found a site where the 9th were last camped. Soon after Verity arrives at the site, she starts hearing things. At first, she hears hoofbeats. Then she hears soldiers. Then she finally believes when she actually sees the Roman soldier. As they find more and more evidence of a Roman encampment, the ghost becomes more and more apparent and visible. Will Verity and her boss find evidence of the lost legion? What does the ghost want? Is he a friend or foe? Or is he simply searching for something?

Rating: 4.0 – a good mystery mixed with history and ghosts

Opinion: I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Though it took me a little bit to pick up on all of the British and Scottish terms, as Verity is English and most of the people she works with are Scottish. I enjoyed trying to read what the characters said in their proper accents but gave up as it became too distracting. I am still skeptical of ghosts, like Verity was at the beginning of the book, but the addition of ghosts in the story gave it a very unique perspective. The mystery surrounding is very good, it keeps you reading. There are enough twists to keep you reading and interested. I enjoyed learning more about Roman life in Britain. I also enjoyed learning some things about archeology as well as life in England and Scotland. If you’re looking for a historical fiction book about a less well known time period, then I suggest this book. This book also good for those looking for a good mystery.

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