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The Reason – Lacey Sturm

Title: The Reason: How I Discovered a Life Worth Living

Author: Lacey Sturm

Genre: Memoir, Biography

Plot: Lacey Sturm is the former lead singer of rock band Flyleaf. She tells her story of growing up with a single mother and taking care of her younger siblings. Life was never easy with a strict mother and living near poverty and moving a lot. Music kept her sane during all this. She fell in love with jazz, then started singing. Slowly she moved towards rock music. Still, Lacey was depressed and angry. When she was a teenager, she moved in with her grandma. They fought constantly. Finally, Lacey didn’t see an end and sought to end her life. Dispute everything, her grandma convinced her to come to church with her. That night she planned to end it all. But God had another plan for her. One of the pastors at the church felt a nudge from the Holy Spirit about someone feeling suicidal and spoke up about in church. Then found Lacey after the service and they talked. Something changed in Lacey after that. She decided to keep living. After that, Lacey talked of how her life changed for the better.

Rating: 4.5 – a great testimony and a story of how God can change a person’s life

Opinion: This was a great testimony. I am a fan of Flyleaf. I wanted to learn more of how Lacey came to Christ. I had realized how heart rendering it is. It goes to show how God can change a person’s life. Lacey is a very passionate person. She used music to fuel her passion, her anger, and her sadness. After she came to Christ, Lacey used passion and her music to help bring others to Christ. She can relate to those going through depression and suicide. It’s nice for people to know that there are others like them. If you listen to her music, you can hear her passion and her faith. I highly recommend this book for those who are struggling with depression, anger, or suicide.

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