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Night of the Living Dead Christian – Matt Mikalatos

Title: Night of the Living Dead Christian

Author: Matt Mikalatos

Genre: Christian Fiction, Fantasy

Plot: Luther is a on the run from his past. He’s done some things that he’s not proud of. Now his family wants nothing to do with him and his anger. His anger and obsessions have turned him into a werewolf. Luther runs into Matt, mad scientist Dr. Culbreton, and robot Hibbs 3000. Together they find a way to help Luther overcome his anger issues and be rid of his werewolf self. To do that, Luther must confront his past which he wants left in the past. The three travel to help Luther deal with his past and find the root of his problems. They tackle other monsters, including zombies, vampires, and other werewolves. When Luther is finally ready to face the root of his problems, he becomes trapped in a fire. The only way out is to let go. Will Luther be able to let go? Will he be able to make amends with his family? Will he overcome his anger issues? Will Luther ever be able to be rid of the monsters in his life?

Rating: 3.0 – a simple way to explain different ways Christians tend to fall away

Opinion: This was an entertaining book. Matt found a simple way to explain some of the ways Christians tend to drift, or tend to fall into categories of thinking. I liked the idea of using monsters and fantasy to explain parts of Christianity. It’s a way to explain to people outside of Christianity that Christians get caught up in different ideas, too. Matt uses fantasy and sci-fi and humor to help explain some difficult things about Christianity. It’s an easy read and a fun book. I enjoyed it and its simplicity. It’s a fun read that uses humor and fantasy to explain Christianity. Though the ideas are simply put, the point is still there. I enjoyed this book immensely. I highly recommend this book to those who want an easy read that combines Christian fiction with fantasy.

One thought on “Night of the Living Dead Christian – Matt Mikalatos

  1. Ooooo, as a Christian and a writer, I’ve always struggled to find a middle ground between faith and fantasy. Thanks for this recommendation. I think I’ll take a look.


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