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A Week at Surfside Beach – Pierce Koslosky Jr.

Thanks to Mindbuck Media for letting me have an early access look at this book. This book is available to read on June 9.

Title: A Week at Surfside Beach

Author: Pierce Koslosky Jr.

Genre: Short stories, realistic fiction

Plot: Each chapter of the book is a different family’s, or families, week at a group of beachside houses, Portofino II in Surfside Beach, South Carolina over the course of a rental season. For most families, it’s a week of discovery, whether good or bad. There are many feuding families who use the beach as an escape. Though, the week doesn’t often go as planned. During their week at Surfside Beach, they find some sort of forgiveness. Whether it’s a father forgiving his son, parents realizing what’s important in life, or finding a person to talk to. For others, it’s a simple week away from life, or a break form the what the future holds. For two retired couples, it’s a rest from an uncertain future at a company, or a break from treatments. The beach rental can bring out the best in people, or sometimes the worst. Through it all, there is something that connects everyone who goes there.

Rating: 4.0 – a great collection of short stories

Opinion: Since I moved to Oregon, I’ve always enjoyed going to the beach/ocean. It’s somewhere I try to go at least once a year. There are many a time where I wish I could swim in the ocean like some of the characters. This book brought the beach to me in a new way, through the eyes of others. Though I wish I could go to boardwalks like the characters. It was fun to see how others take to close quarters and to not always getting their way, and it’s not always a good thing to witness. Though, it’s a growing opportunity for them. It’s a good learning experience for the characters, and the reader. It’s a chance for everyone to learn how to adapt to things not going their way. It’s good for the readers to learn about different lifestyles and to think about what they would do in that sort of situation. Some of the weeks were heartbreaking, others made me laugh, others were good for learning about life. This was a great first book for Pierce. I highly enjoyed this book. It’s one I’ll have to read again. This is a good book for those who enjoy going to the beach and good beach side stories.

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