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Against the Tide – Elizabeth Camden

Title: Against the Tide

Author: Elizabeth Camden

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: Lydia Pallas is a translator with the U.S. Navy in Boston. She’s content with her life of calm and certainty after a chaotic childhood. Her parents passed when she was young, then she grew up in an orphanage. Not long after she’s settled into her new life, her talents catch the eye of Alexander Banebridge. His friends call him Bane, if you can call them friends. Bane asks Lydia to help translates some documents for him. He won’t say what they are or what they mean to him. Bane offers a fair amount of money and she reluctantly accepts. While Lydia works on the translation, Bane’s past catches up to him. They find out what Bane is doing and try their hardest to stop him. They discover that he brought Lydia into the plot and go after her as well. Bane has a soft spot for Lydia. Now he must choose; save Lydia, or save himself. What will Bane decide? Can they both escape? What is Bane after? What do the people of his past want with him?

Rating: 4.0 – a great historical fiction with a hint of mystery and sappy romance

Opinion: This was the first book I’ve read by Elizabeth Camden. I made me fall in love with her books. I love that she intertwines historical fiction with mystery and romance. I highly enjoy that there are hints of Christianity of her books, too. This one has more depth to its mystery I feel like than some of Elizabeth Camden’s books. I bought it because of the fact that the main character is an interpreter and is a historical fiction with some mystery. It’s a combination that I always love in books. It’s why I keep reading her books. This book is no exception. It kept my interest the whole time. I was not disappointed at all. I enjoyed the mystery of this book. It brought two unlikely people together and had them find ways to work together and overcome difficulties together. There are realistic relationships in this book. I like that about Elizabeth Camden’s books. The relationships including hardships and working through them. This book is no exception. If you’re looking for a good historical fiction with mystery then I highly recommend this book.

2 thoughts on “Against the Tide – Elizabeth Camden

  1. I love a good historical fiction story, and having realistic relationship plot lines makes it so much better. Definitely adding this title to my summer reading list!


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