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Redeeming Love – Francine Rivers

Title: Redeeming Love

Authors: Francine Rivers

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: Michael Hosea has recently come to California searching for gold during the California gold rush. But Michael’s different from the other miners. He holds tight to his Christian faith and refuses to lose his soul to the gold fever that’s taken so many men. Not long after coming to California, he meets Angel, a prostitute that’s captured his heart. She’s strong willed and stubborn. She’s hardened her heart to the world. Michael meets with her every night, just to talk. Angel is skeptical of Michael. When she becomes sick, Michael takes her in, buying her from the brothel’s owner. As soon as she is well, Angel runs away from Michael and all he offers. But she has no where else to go and returns to Michael. Michael starts to show Angel the farmer’s lifestyle. Angel soon comes to enjoy that life. But her past is always gnawing at her. Michael and Angel’s neighbors are slow to trust her. That she can really change. But they cannot deny the change when Angels accepts Christianity. Something happens that makes Angel run back to the city. But instead of returning to her old life, she chooses to help those who have the same background as her find new life and new skills to better their lives. But Michael is searching for her. Will Michael find her? Will Angel stay in town? Or will she will return with Michael? Can their neighbors forgive her?

Rating: 4.5 – amazing story of love and forgivness

Opinion: This is still one of my favorite books. Yes, it’s sappy and a little predictable, but still a very enjoyable book. Francine Rivers did an amazing job putting her own twist of the biblical story of Hosea and Gomer. Hosea was a prophet of God. Gomer was a prostitute. Their story is the same of Michael and Angel, with the exception of the time era. Francine Rivers researched the time period for this book and it showed. It is an amazing story of forgiveness. It it the story of following what God asks of us, no matter how hard that may be. I had such a hard time putting it down. I read while in college, and while working part time. I didn’t want to put it down after reading it on work breaks or if class was starting, though I always attended class and returned to work. As with Francine Rivers other books, this one tugged at my heart. It made me feel so attached to the characters. It broke my heart when the characters were hurting. My mom also suggested this book to me because it’s one of her favorites as well. I would highly recommend this book for those who love historical fiction, Christian fiction, and sappy romance books.

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