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Until the Dawn – Elizabeth Camden

Until the Sunrise is a short story in relation to this book.

Title: Until the Dawn

Author: Elizabeth Camden

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: Sophie van Riijn has been using Dierenpark on the Hudson River as a weather station for the past nine years. One day the owners of the house, the Vandermarks, return to Dierenpark and throw the staff out the door, including Sophie. She is persistent and returns to the house anyway the next day to collect the weather data. Quentin Vandermark agrees to let Sophie continue on as a cook and tutor for his son, Pieter. Quentin is a rude man, quick to find fault in everyone. He despises Sophie and her hopeful, always cheerful personality. Pieter is a nervous boy, but blossoms under Sophie’s teaching. After some, Quentin soften towards Sophie after agreeing to help her with a proposal for a weather station. But they have a deadline, prove the family curse is false, or Quentin’s grandfather will destroy the house. What will they find? Can Quentin and Sophie save the house?

Rating: 3.8 – a good, sappy historical fiction

Opinion: This was a good historical fiction. It focused a lot on the family’s history and finding about their past. There were parts that felt a little jerky. Parts of the plots continued then suddenly stopped. Other things happened and minds were changed quickly. I feel like one or two things weren’t carried through all the way. Overall this was a great book. It was pretty sappy romance wise. There was a fair sense of mystery. I enjoyed this book. It was a quick and easy read. If you’re looking for a good historical fiction, then I recommend this book.

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