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The Learner’s Plight – Muhammad Hamza Shah

Thank you Muhammad Hamza Shah for allowing me to read his book. This is his debut novella. If you’d like to this book, or any other of his books, go to his site here.

Title: The Learner’s Plight

Author: Muhammad Hamza Shah

Genre: Realistic Fiction, Coming of Age

Plot: Gavin Hawthorne is a new student. He moved to the US from Ireland. Students can be cruel, especially in middle school. He made a friend at first, another immigrant, like himself, Linda Barnowska, and Shirley. Linda is quick to move on to other friends and leaves Gavin behind. Shirley stays his friend. Struggling to with bullies, teasing, and making friends, Gavin is at his wit’s end. Will he give up? Will he take a stand? What will Gavin do? Can Gavin use Shirley’s advice for good?

Rating: 3.8 – a good coming of age story

Opinion: This was a good coming of age novella. A good story for those who struggling with bullies. It’s something people can relate to. This novella was a good tale of overcoming struggles. It gave a different way to deal with bullies. I would’ve like to know a little more about what happened after Gavin sent to letters. The author give some answers about the letters he sent his parents, but doesn’t give a response for the others. I enjoyed this novella. It would be a good book for those dealing with bullies, or other struggles during middle and high school. It would be also be a good for other young adult readers. If you’re looking for a great short story, then I highly suggest this book.

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