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Rainbow Bridge – Dan V. Jackson

Thank you MindBuck Media and Dan V. Jackson for letting me read this early access book. Rainbow Bridge will be available on October 6th.

Title: Rainbow Bridge

Author: Dan V. Jackson

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Plot: Throughout Nathan Wiltman’s life, he’s been surrounded by dogs. From Frisco, the Beagle Border Collie mix his parents adopt before he’s born, to Shilo, the German Sheppard whom he grows up with, to Georgie, the Belgian Malanois who serves in the Army with him, to Lindsay, the Schnauzer that leads him to his wife (Ann), to Boomer and Zoey, Labs his children grow up with. With each dog that wanders into Nathan’s life, they help him grow and learn. They are also fiercely protective of him. They form a special bond with Nathan and help during tough times. Each time one passes, Nathan vows he’ll never get another dog. Each time, he finds another dog, and his heart grows bigger for it. After the last dog passes, Nathan falls asleep at the wheel. While in surgery, Nathan meets all of his past dogs. He’s presented with a choice. Stay with the dogs forever, or return to his family. Which will he chose?

Rating: 4.5 – a great story of love and loss with family and dogs

Opinion: This story warmed my heart, yet broke it five pages later. It was definitely worth the read. I sob while reading this book. One of the dogs passes in a similar situation to my old family dog passes. My cat and my roommate’s cat came to snuggle with me a few minutes later after each time I cried. It still warmed my heart because of the themes of family, love, loss, and dogs. It’s always very hard when you lose a loved one, or a beloved pet. But family will always come together during hard times. It was a sappy book, you could tell some things were going to happen before they actually did, but it was still a good read. It was very easy to connect to the characters and root for them. Even though I cried a few times, it was still a worthwhile read. I’d highly recommend this book for anyone with a dog, or family of their own. But make sure you have the Kleenex ready.

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