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Welcome to the Shivoo! – Laura Bartnick

Thank you Capture Me Books for letting me read this book!

Title: Welcome to the Shivoo! Creatives Mimicking the Creator

Author: Laura Bartnick

Genre: Christian

Plot: Everyone is creative. We were created that way. God has given each a unique creative ability. He has given everyone a way to explore their talents and gifts. This book explores the different ways God has given us to be creative. Whether, through painting, writing, acting, exploring, etc. There’s even creative ways through science. As Christians, we must be careful of the one who desires to warp our creativity. One who tells us we’re not good enough or turn our desires into something that goes against our godly path. Thankfully, God has given us ways to counter him. Find your way to be creative through God’s gift.

Rating: 4.0 – a great book about God’s creativity through us

Opinion: This was a great book for creative Christians. There are numerous ways to be creative. This books many ways that people can use their creativity. I enjoyed the ways the author talks about God’s gifts in creation and the gifts he’s given us. I also enjoyed the fact that the book talks about science and how we can use science to glorify God. The author gives us a list of scientists who are Christians. As a creative person who likes and enjoys science, I enjoyed the fact that the author included this section. I enjoyed the fact that she included ways the Devil tries to trick and manipulate out creativity. It should be a no brained but it’s always a good reminder. This book is a great reminder that we are all creative. God has gifted us uniquely to be creative in our own way, shape, and form. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for ways to use God’s gifts creativity.

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