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Land of Twilight Trilogy – Charmayne Hafen

Thank you Capture Books for this good kids trilogy.

Titles: 1 – Journey to Twilight, 2 – Return to Twilight, 3 – Trouble in Twilight

Author: Charmayne Hafen

Genre: Children’s Chapter Book, Fantasy, Realistic Fiction

Plot: 1 – (Journey to Twilight) 12 year old Lorna just move to Phoenix, AZ with her mom and baby brother. Her parents have just divorced and Lorna’s understandably upset. Sam, a boy her age, has challenged her to the ‘Crestwell Challenge’ (a bike race around the block 7 times). On the third lap, Lorna is transported to a magical land called Twilight. There she meets Trix, a leprechaun who gives her a quest. If she completes the quest, she’ll get 1 wish. Lorna agrees to go on the quest. Then she’s taken back to the real world just as Sam crosses the finish line. Sam thinks Lorna’s excuse for her disappearance during the race suspicious. So he follows her into Twilight after Lorna complete’s the first part of the quest. Trix and Lorna tell Sam about the quest and he agrees to help. But Sam gets really hurt when they return. Will Lorna be able to complete the quest? What will she use her wish on? Will she be use the wish on herself? Or use it to help Sam?

2 – (Trouble in Twilight) Lorna’s friend Ally moved away, and a new girl, Jenny moved in. Lorna wants to be her friend but Jenny’s not a good friend in return. She asks Lorna to steal and skip school. Desperate to have a new friend, Lorna does what she asks. She starts to ignore her true friend Sam. That’s when Sam and Lorna are whisked back to the land of Twilight. Twix says something bad is going on. Lorna refuses to acknowledge what’s going on and leaves. Trix and Sam can see what’s happening. Trix shows Sam how he can help Lorna. Lorna’s also growing frustrated with her dad who still refuses to visit her or call. She breaks her phone after her dad says he has to cancel again. Then Lorna gets caught skipping school. Her mom grounds her. Ever frustrated, she runs away with Jenny. Can Sam find a way to help Lorna? Can they find Lorna?

3 – (Trouble in Twilight) The land of Twilight is dying. Sam and Lorna have been chosen to save it. They must find a way to have faith and tell the people in their lives about faith. Lorna decides to show faith by being honest with her mom. Sam is desperate to show faith to his dad by talking with him. Trix and Melvin are now wandering through the real word hiding from the horrible whatever. They need to show Lorna and Sam ways to have faith. The four of them travel to different places to learn about faith. But will they save Twilight in time?

Rating: 3.6 – a good tale about faith and family for kids

Opinion: This series wasn’t what I was expecting. I thought the story would spend more time in the world of Twilight than the real world. It is a good series. It deals well with real world problems that middle schoolers face. The book deals with big problems like divorce and moving away and making friend and wanting to be cool. It’s very well done in that sense. I just thought it’d deal more with Twilight than the real world. Maybe I’m too used to reading books meant for adults. It is a good kids book for kids going through tough situations like divorce and moving. It’s tough on adults, so it’s just as hard for kids and teens. It puts it all through their eyes. I enjoyed the series the more I read. I think it’s a good book for kids who enjoy fantasy and want a character they can relate to.

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