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The Squickerwonkers – Evangeline Lilly

Title: The Squickerwankers – Prequel and Demise of Selma the Spoiled

Author: Evangeline Lilly

Ilustrador: Prequel – Johnny Frazier-Allen, Denise of Selma the Spoiled – Rodrigo Bastos Dider

Genre: Fantasy, Children’s Book, Picture Book

Plot: Prequel – Selma is a child who demands everything she sees. She’ll whine and pout till she gets her way. The Squickerwonkers come to town. Selma is fascinated by them. She wants what they have. So her father makes a deal with them. Selma can stay with the Squickerwonkers and have what they have. Now Selma joins their crew in exchange for the Squickerwonkers being the royal troupe.

Demise of Selma the Spoiled – A new peddler comes to town. Selma looks through his wears, determined to find something. But spoiled Selma already has everything he’s selling. The peddler offers Selma something truly unique. She begs and pleads with the others. Slowly they consent. Each have their own reasons for wanting the unique thing. Everything starts out grand but soon things turn sour for Selma.

Rating: 4.0 – a dark style fairy tale with real life consequences

Opinion: This was a great kids book. It’s dark but relatable. It gives consequences for the characters who aren’t nice. The other characters see this and teach the characters a relatable lesson. The style of the story is very Dr. Seuss like. It’s meant for kids who don’t love to read or have a hard time reading. The author said so herself when I bought the books from her at comic con. I agree with her saying that kids need to hear things like this sometimes. That there are consequences for acting certain ways. I recommend these books for kids don’t mind books that are a little scarier, or kids who need to find a new style of books.

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