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The Dream Gatherer – Kristin Britain

Part of the Green Rider Series

Title: The Dream Gatherer

Author: Kristin Britain

Genre: Fantasy, Short Stories

Plot: Estral tells two short stories about famous people in Sacoridia’s history. Then the story shifts to follow Estral. She’s journeying back to Selium (a city and a school in Sacoridia). She goes ahead of the group while the others tend the horses. Estral gets lost the woods and comes across a house with sister’s who have met Karigan a few years prior, the Berry sisters. They invite her in to rest and recuperate. Then they invite her to a party. They won’t say who’s coming until it starts. The sisters bring out a dream gatherer. It’s a machine that allows people from dreams to attend and visit with the people there. But something else enters the party. What is it? Can it be stopped?

Rating: 3.6 – a mix of legends within a fantasy world

Opinion: I thought this book would be either a collection of stories or entire short story, not a combination of the two. But it was a good combination. It was well written. I enjoyed the story about the main character of The Green Rider series’ friend. Though the last few books did that as well but this book solely focused on Estral. I liked this story, though it didn’t continue the Green Rider plot along. I was a nice relaxing story. It’s a good expiation story to the Green Rider series.

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