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Guest Post – Reaching Out, Trusting God

Thank you Brenda of Ruby Hem Ministries for this book.

Title: Reaching Out, Trusting God

Author: Brenda Marie Hoffman

Genre: Christian devotional

Plot: As Christians we’re told that we can live a joy-filled, purposeful life with Christ as our guide. Seeing miracles along the way is a true blessing that’ll help solidify our faith. However, we shouldn’t believe that because “we don’t have enough faith” we won’t be healed, or we’re destined to be poor or unsuccessful. Unfortunately, this is what some Christians tell us that it means to trust in God. 

With these words filling our head it’s no wonder that when something doesn’t work out like we expect it to we believe it’s because we don’t have enough faith. This results in us believing that we aren’t loved by God or it may cause us to doubt if we’re really a Christian. 

All these things are taken into consideration here in this devotional. Through exploring these things we’ll arrive at a deeper understanding of what it really means to trust God.

Rating: 4.0 – A good book to lead you to a deeper trust in God

Opinion: This book was written for women who have PTSD from child abuse or domestic violence. Throughout the devotional the author looks at why trusting God is so much more challenging when you’re dealing with PTSD. As you’re guided through the pages of this devotional you really will arrive at a point where you have a deeper trust in God.

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