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The Paper Magician Series – Charlie N. Holmberg

Expanded storyline for this trilogy is here: The Plastic Magician

Title: 1 – The Paper Magician, 2 – The Glass Magician, 3 – The Master Magician

Author: Charlie N. Holmberg

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult

Plot: 1 (The Paper Magician) – Ceony Twill has just finished her general schooling at Tagis Praff School for the Magically Inclined. Now she can start her apprenticeship. Ceony desperately wanted to be a Smelter, a magician who works specifically with metals. Instead, she’s assigned to Folding, a magician who works with paper. Magician Emery Thane is her mentor. But lucky for Ceony, she’s a quick study. She tries to make the best of her situation. Not long after her apprenticeship begins, a woman, Lyra, breaks into Emery’s house. Lyra takes his literal heart from his chest and vanishes. When the investigators come, Ceony is confined to the house. She defies orders and searches for Lyra and Emery’s heart. But will she be able to track down Lyra? Can she stop her in time? Can she save Emery in time?

2 (The Glass Magician) – Ceony stopped one of the Exsicionists, some who uses dark magic, but the world still isn’t safe. Laura’s teacher, Grath Cobolt, is still at large, as well as the teacher’s colleague. Both are dangerous and looking for Ceony. Ceony holds a secret; a new spell that can trap people forever. Grath wants Ceony to help him. But with what? When Grath threatens her family, Ceony becomes desperate. With help she tracks him down. But will she be able to save her family? Can she stop Grath? Or will he destroy everything?

3 (The Master Magician) – Grath Cobolt has been stopped by Saraj Prendi is still on the loose and looking for Ceony. But Ceony has other things on her mind. Her exam to become a master magician are coming up. She has also learned she can change what type of magic she can use. Ceony is also starting a romantic relationship with Emrey. To avoid any bias, Ceony goes to take her test with another Folder. With Saraj on the move, and though Ceony promised not to look for him, she found a way to find him. Slipping out, she tracks him down, but he’s already gone. Will Ceony be able to find and stop him? Will she pass her test? What about her relationship with Emrey?

Rating: 3.6 – a good young adult fantasy

Opinion: Overall, this was a good trilogy. It was a little cheesy. For the first one, Ceony found Lyra right away. I was wondering what they were going to do. I was a little surprised about where the plot went from there. I enjoyed the use of magic. It was different from most types of magic stories I’ve read. It’s one of things that drew me to this series. That and I’m a sucker for sappy romance. The idea that people could only use magic on things humans have created (fire, metal, paper, plastic, glass, and flesh) was an interesting idea to me. And that a person could only use one material forever was also intriguing. Ceony was a very independent woman who wanted to make her own way in life. She still always made sure to help her family whenever possible as well. I wished I was more like her. This book was a little too cheesy for me to truly appreciate. It would be better for younger adults and teenagers. I would recommend this book for anyone who’s interested in reading a book about a different style of magic and doesn’t mind a sappy romance.

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