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Artemis 1-2 – Lindsey Stirling

The rest of the series is available now: Issue 3, and Issues 4-6

Title: Artemis: Issues 1 & 2

Author: Linsdey Stirling

Artists: Jason Badower, Wataboku, Rodrigo Luff, Danimation, Anna Marie Navaja, Andworld Design

Genre: Fantasy, Comic Book

Plot: Issue 1 – Citizen SE21 is an excellent roof rat (like a repairman) living in the the slums of a dystopian world. Cece, a friend of SE21, wants to help lead a rebellion against the Empress Nyx and her Shadow Wardens who have complete control of every citizen. When she meets a smuggler named Calix, he says he can get some medicine her uncle needs desperately from a mysterious man named Magnus. Calix asks SE21 what her codename is, and she decides to call herself Artemis when she finds a bracer on her arm with that etched in it after a strange dream. Artemis agrees to help Calix. When they are ambushed, Artemis learns she has some super powers. Her powers allow her to conjure a bow and arrows made of light. But will it be enough to save her and Calix?

Issue 2: Calix and Artemis manage to escape thanks to Artemis’ bow and arrow. Cece is still trying to encourage Artemis to join the rebellion. She tries to convince her to use her newfound powers to help the rebellion. Artemis is still unsure about joining. She’ not even sure how to use them. Now the Shadow Wardens alert Empress Nyx to Artemis’ powers. She orders the Shadow Wardens to track her down. Artemis is forced to flee. Artemis’ friends Cece and Calix agree to help her and her uncle go into hiding on the Upside. They’re forced to split up when the Shadow Wardens show up. Artemis hides with her uncle in an elevator shaft. Artemis’ powers come alive again. Will it be enough to save herself and her uncle? Will Artemis be able to control her powers?

Rating: 4.0 – a interesting take on a dystopian society

Opinion: I am new to the world of comics. I was still curious about the story line. I also enjoy Lindsey’s music so I thought, why not try this. I enjoyed this take on fantasy and dystopian future. While the idea isn’t new, the way the author does it is new. I like the fact that Artemis gets these powers and doesn’t instantly know how to use them. She has to learn how to use them. That and the fact that there is a rebellion starting before she gets her powers is also an interesting point. Another thing I like about this series is that Artemis doesn’t immediately want to join the rebellion after she gains her powers. She wants to help, but doesn’t see the need to join the rebellion. Artemis states that there are other ways to help. While I agree with this, I am really curious to see where this series goes. The artistry in the series is more of an anime (Japanese style comics) but still gorgeous. There are also hidden QR codes that link to Lindsey’s music which is another fun thing to look for. The panels are easy to follow. This was a fun read and I hope it will gain some traction. These are good comic books for any who love them. I would recommend this for any who love fantasy and dystopian reads as well.

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