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Guest Post – A Murder in Time

Thank you Daphne of Free at 50 for this book review.

Title: A Murder in Time, Kendra Donovan Book 1, and series overview

Author: Julie McElwain

Genre: Mystery, Historical Fiction

Plot: Kendra Donovan is a twenty-something FBI agent and genius, estranged from her family and without ties outside work. While in England, she accidentally travels back to 1815, where she uses her 21st century skills to solve a murder. The 5-book series follows her adventures solving crime in 19th century England.

Rating: 4.8 – Unique spin on historical mysteries.

Rating: I do not get into science fiction, fantasy, or anything remotely close but this series, starting with Murder in Time, drew me in. In the first book of the series, one of the most brilliant rising stars in the FBI goes off on her own in England, without backup, and somehow ends up traveling back to 1815 during an altercation in an old castle. While there, she stumbles into a local murder mystery. She cannot help
but inject herself into it, building relationships with the Duke who’s castle she is in, his nephew, a London policeman and a lady from a nearby manor. She is desperate to get back to the 20th century, but clearly, I won’t be spoiling it by telling you she doesn’t since there are 4 more “in Time” books as of November 2020. Her balance of using her skills and ensuring she doesn’t give herself away or inadvertently impacting history is riveting. Staying true to what is available in 19th century England and applying 21st century FBI concepts and techniques makes for an outstanding read. Each book in the series is truly different covering geography from the English countryside to the streets of London and the climate of the time from class discrimination, gender roles, and political tensions.

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