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Beneath a Golden Veil – Melanie Dobson

Title: Beneath a Golden Veil

Author: Melanie Dobson

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: Isabelle Labrie owns and runs the Golden Hotel in Sacramento in 1854 during the California Gold Rush. There she waits for her sweetheart, Ross, to return from the gold fields and marry her. But Fanny, a new arrival to the hotel from New York, says she’s already married to Ross. Then Isabelle helps a runaway slave escape. Now she’s under suspension, even though California’s supposed to be a free state. Then Alden Payne arrives with a young ‘slave’ Isaac. He’s intent on freeing Isaac as soon as he can. Isabelle instantly recognizes Alden from her past that she’s tried so hard to forget. To make matter’s worse, Isaac’s master, Victor, is hot on their trail. He intends to take back what is his, no matter the costs. Then Isabelle is caught trying to help another runaway slave that was on the same ship as Alden and Isaac. Alden tries to help, but will it be enough? Will Isabelle ever be free of her past? Can Alden ever free Isaac? Or will Victor take back all that is his?

Rating: 4.0 – a different take on the Gold Rush

Opinion: I originally found this book on super sale at a local Christian book store. It looked interesting so I thought I’d give it a shot. It didn’t disappoint. Though it was a little slow to start, it kept my attention the whole time. For some reason I’d never connected that the California Gold Rush happened while slavery still existed till I read this book. Maybe because I’d always been taught them separately. This books makes a good point that not every matter is as black and white as we’d like it. I really did enjoy that a woman was running and owned a fine hotel, instead of the usual places we hear of women operating at this time. It was easy to root for Isabelle and Alden and want them to succeed. The ending almost broke my heart cause the ending I wanted almost didn’t happen. The author is very good with the changing view points. She did a great job writing a creepy villain. This book does a great job of showing the different mindsets about slavery and how it effected them. I enjoyed learning about how life was in those days. This is a good book for any historical fiction fan.

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