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Wolf Gift Chronicles – Anne Rice

Title: 1 – The Wolf Gift, 2 – The Wolves of Midwinter

Author: Anne Rice

Genre: Fantasy

Plot: 1 (The Wolf Gift) – Rueben Golding is a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicler researching an old mansion outside of town. He decides to stay the night and is considering buying the house. That night, the house is broken into. Rueben is attacked by an animal and left to die. Someone finds Rueben and rushes him to the hospital. There he undergoes some miraculous changes. He grows bigger, gets stronger, and hair gets thicker. When Rueben gets the all clear, he goes home. Then it happens. He transforms into a wolf. Then the voices start. The voices of the suffering call out to him. Rueben has to respond to the suffering. In the morning, Rueben becomes a human again. Each night he transforms again and again. He finds Laura. She helps him learn about what he is. Another of his kind finds him and wants to kill him. Rueben comes out victorious. As Rueben’s wolf man gains more media attention, other more threatening forces are drawn out. Rueben is forced to learn who he can trust. Or die trying.

2 (The Wolves of Midwinter) – Rueben has a new home and a new family. Laura has become a Morphenkinder like him and is waiting to change. Christmas is fast approaching and the others like him are planning a gran celebration. Rueben gets caught up in the festivities. His friends teach him the subtleties of transforming. Rueben starts learning about the others that are like him as well. There are other immortal creatures out there and other wolf packs. And not everyone is as accepting as Rueben’s pack. Hostilities rise as more people gather around Rueben’s house. He learns who his true family is.

Rating: 3.2 – an interesting take on werewolves

Opinion: This was an interesting take on werewolves. Though there wasn’t a ton of plot. The author focuses more on imagery and descriptions than the plot. I could skim parts of the book and not miss anything because of all the descriptions. The plot doesn’t go much of anywhere. There are points where it really picks up then it dies right down again. It was kind of annoying. In the first book there is more sex than I’m used to or like in books. The first one is different because there is an info dump at the end of the book. You learn more about the werewolf lore at the end of the book rather than the beginning or middle. The second book focuses more on the secondary characters and building up to the Christmas celebrations than moving the plot along. I kept thinking something was going to happen but it never did until later in the book. Then it picked up for a couple chapters then went on as normal. While the werewolf lore was great, the plot was kind of lacking. Still a decent fantasy series.

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