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Thr3e – Ted Dekker

Title: Thr3e

Author: Ted Dekker

Genre: Thriller

Plot: Kevin Pearson is a seminary student driving home after classes when he receives a call. The caller calls himself Slater and wants Kevin to admit his sin to the world or he’ll blow Kevin up. He has three minutes to do so. But what sin? There’s a hint in the riddle Slater left for him. Kevin drives his car to an almost empty parking lot seconds before it blows up. The police question him. Kevin’s hesitant to bring up his past. And manages to avoid doing so this time. Not long after he arrives home, Slater calls again. There’s another riddle and more time to solve it. Only problem is that Slater demands that no cops are involved. His childhood friend Samantha, Sam for short, calls to help. She promises to help however she can. While Sam and Kevin are trying to solve the riddle, the FBI arrive on the scene. Jessica is in charge as the serial killer known as the Riddle Killer has surfaced, possibly as Slater. Jessica is quick to help solve the riddle and save who they can before the next bomb goes off. But Slater sets it off early as the cops get involved. Then Sam helps Kevin disappear so Slater is forced into the open. But will it be enough? Slater is blowing up bigger and bigger things while demanding Kevin admit his sin. Will Jessica and Sam be able to save Kevin? Or will Slater win? But what is the sin? Who is Slater? Is he the Riddle Killer? Or are there more than one killer out there?

Rating: 4.0 – a good, creepy serial killer thriller

Opinion: I liked this book so much better than Ted Dekker’s other serial killer book, BoneMan’s Daughter. The book had a much more believable story and more cohesive, believable ending. I was still creeped out by both but I believed this one more. I was a little scared to look out my bedroom window after reading this book. This serial killer seemed to have a better, more believable motive for his actions. This book does a good job going into mental health and traumatic and abusive childhoods. It tells of what can happen to people who’ve dealt with things no one should have to deal with. This book made it easier to understand what the characters went through. It made me want to research more about the mental health issues. I’m curious to know what others who know more about this topic think about this book. This is a good book for those who love thrillers and good versus evil stories.

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