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Artemis 3 – Lindsey Stirling

This is the continuation of the Artemis comic books. Issues 4-6 are available now.

Title: Artemis: Issue 3

Author: Lindsey Stirling

Artists: Jason Badower, Emily Chow, Rodrigo Luff, Damination, Anna Marie Navaja, Andworld Design

Genre: Fantasy, Comic Book

Plot: Artemis has been captured by the goddess Nyx. She convinces Artemis that they knew each other in a past life, they were Greek goddesses. Nyx promises Artemis that she can give everyone in the Trenches what they want if she does what Nyx asks. She needs Artemis to round up the people trying to break Nyx’s laws. Artemis is conflicted, but agrees if she can do it her way. Artemis slowly starts to remember her old life. She starts to think Calix might be from her old life. But she needs to bring him in. Before she can talk to Calix, the Shadow Wardens capture him. Will she be able to help Calix and the others? Or will Nyx get her way?

Rating: 4.0 an excellent continuation of the Artemis series

Opinion: I’m starting to really enjoy comic books. This series is really amazing. The details in the drawing are incredible. The story is really starting to come together. Though it’s a more classic story line, I like the twists on the story. There are Greek gods thrown into a dystopian future. It deals with forgotten memories and past lives. And there’s a sappy romance starting to bloom. This is the makings of a good series for me. I’m excited to see where this series is going. I’ve hooked and ready for the next one. This is another great addition to the series. It’s a great book for those who enjoy comic books and fantasy series.

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