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Illusion – Frank Peretti

Title: Illusion

Author: Frank Peretti

Genre: Science Fiction

Plot: Danny and Mandy have been a magician duo for almost 40 years. That all changes when Mandy dies in a car crash. While Dan mourns, something has happened to Mandy. She wakes up in the hospital, as her 19 year old self. She is transferred to a mental ward. That is, until she finds a way to escape, by passing through the walls. She learns to adapt to her new life. Mandy uses her newfound abilities to earn some cash. Then Dave finds her in a coffee shop while she’s performing. He recognizes her instantly, but she doesn’t recognize him. Dave recognizes her talent and decides to take Mandy under his wing, despite the heartbreak. Through their mentor/protégée partnership, they start to figure out how Mandy’s powers work. But Mandy’s powers start to draw unwanted attention. Others seek what she can do for their own purposes. On top of that, Mandy’s powers are growing. Can she learn to control them? Can Dave keep Mandy safe? Or will this new unseen enemy capture her? Will Dave be able to get his Mandy back? Or will she be this new Mandy forever?

Rating: 3.5 – an interesting take on time travel

Opinion: Magicians have always intrigued me. Learning some behind the scenes tricks on how they work made me enjoy the book even more. This was the first book I’ve read that was truly about time travel. While it was a great book, the mechanics of it were super confusing. The book tried to explain the mechanics of how time travel worked. That about broke my brain. While I didn’t mind that, that plot information was kind of dumped on me. It would have been nicer if the information had been broken up more. Also, the book was pretty descriptive as well, not that it was a bad thing, it just got to be a little much. Also there wasn’t a ton of action either. I liked the idea of time travel and its added capabilities in this book. That kept it interesting and kept me reading. Even though some things weren’t so easy to understand, it was still a good read. This is a good read for those who love magicians and time travel.

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