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Quackers – Liz Wong

Title: Quackers

Author: Liz Wong

Illustrator: Liz Wong

Genre: Children’s Book, Picture Book

Plot: Quackers is a duck, not really, who enjoys the life of a duck. Until he wanders away from the pond and finds a barn. There he meets another cat. Quackers finds another animal he can understand. His new friend teaches him how to be a cat. After a while away front pond, he starts to miss it. He returns to the pond, but wants to find a way to be both places. How can Quackers achieve his goals? Can he live at both places?

Rating: 4.5 – a cute book about being yourself

Opinion: This is another classroom must. It’s a very cute book about a cat who grew up with ducks and thinks he’s a duck. When he learns he’s a cat, he learns how to be a cat. But he learns how he can be a cat and a duck. Quackers learns to how to be true to himself. I’ve read this book with the older kids at work and they love it. They think it’s kinda funny that there’s a cat who thinks he’s a duck. It’s a good lesson for all kids to learn, too. They learn that it’s okay to be yourself. It’s a great addition to any classroom.

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