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Will You Hold My Story? – Kathy Joy

Title: Will You Hold My Story?

Author: Kathy Joy

Illustrator: Briana Osaseri

Genre: Kid’s Book, Picture Book

Plot: Meggi Beth has a story that she carries around on her back. It’s big and heavy and it’s making her tired. She sits down to rest. Meggi Beth calls out to people walking by to see if they’ll hear her story and help carry it, making her story lighter. Some people want to help but can’t. Others don’t hear her at all. Will there be anyone to help Meggi Beth? Or will she have to continue to carry her story by herself?

Rating: 4.3 – a cute book with an unexpected ending

Opinion: This was a very cute story. Especially since it started out kind of sad. It’s got a great message to it. To me, I saw that we live in a busy world and don’t often notice the people around us and that everyone has a story to tell. Talking with others can help easy the heaviness of our stories. Others may take away something different. Adults reading to their kids will understand it immediately. It’s written in a way that they can explain it to kids easily, too. I hope it can help teach empathy to those who read it and that there are different ways to care and show empathy. Empathy may not come in the forms we expect, too. This is a wonderful book and I hope others get the chance to share it with their families.

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