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Guest Post – The Richest Man in Babylon

Thank you Ella of Moving with Ella for this review.

A good book makes you look at life a little differently, learn new things and see the world through another lens.

Which is why we are constantly told to read more and more books as we grow. 


Because not only does reading improve your mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as helping your grow exponentially,

But reading a book can be so much fun. In my opinion as a book lover, more fun that watching that reality show people seem to love.

And as a bookie, who has gone through a lot of books, one of the first I ever read, was ‘The Richest Man in Babylon’ by George Clason.

This was the building block of building wealth to financial freedom for me.

In fact, it is my holy grail, and I go back to each every few months to read it again and again.

This post is going to be a brief review of this book, and how tis small book, will literally change the way you see money,

How you manage it, and how you spend it.

Not a lot of people enjoy talking about money, but after you get this book for yourself, you will see that money isn’t some bad thing

But a way for you to enjoy life as much as you want.

I will be very thorough with this review, showing you what to expect in this book, and why you need this in your shelf.


First of all, the one thing a lot of us want, and crave so badly and deep within, is freedom.

Freedom to do what we want, to travel the world, the buy the things we want and much more. But the thing we don’t see is;


And it is a price you must be willing to pay if you truly desire it.

Secondly, this book, is based on that point exactly. How to build wealth, maintain wealth, and secure your key to financial freedom.

There is a quote that says;


And more wise words couldn’t have been said. 

‘The richest Man in Babylon’ shows you how you can build wealth in a steady and sure process, without having to save every single penny you get.

It shows you how to use money to make more money (something a lot of people aren’t familiar with)

It shows you the 7 CURES FOR A LEAN PURSE which basically means the ways which you can go from broke 

To financially free.

And the utmost best thing about this book?


Just like a reading a story with so many moral lessons to adhere to. That is why it is my no 1 financial book,

Because the author breaks down how the ancient Babylonians built wealth, and how those same principles apply today, 4000 years later.

The story format of the book makes it super easy to read, and easier to grab and understand. 

One of my favorite speakers, Jim Rohn, says that in all his seminars, he commends this book, as it was his stepping stone to financial freedom as well.

He recommends this book to teenagers who want to learn to build wealth, and even to those who aren’t teenagers. 

Just like him, and by doing this book review, I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to build wealth and become free.

Apart from the 7 CURES which I stated are in the book, (I wont breakdown the 7 cures for you, you just have to see it yourself),

The book also explains the 5 RULES OF GOLD or THE 5 RULES OF MONEY (am I spitting knowledge or what?!!)

Knowledge is much more important than money, because even if you lose money, you always have the knowledge on how to get it back. 

That is why, these rules of money are stated. And to my utmost surprise after I read this rule, I realized, I was breaking 3 OF THEM!!? 


Long story short, I had no idea what exactly I was doing with my money but that has changed. 

Those 5 rules of money, show you, and teach you the rules which guide money, and that if you abide by these rules,

Money will always come to you, and if you break them, money will always run from you. 

Don’t be surprised that after reading those rules, you find out you are breaking all 5 of them, and them you will realize why money seems to run away from you.


The book further goes through various people in Babylon, who had accumulated wealth, and how their money makes more money.

It looks at some select Babylonians, who had accumulated wealth, and the lesson each story teaches.

(I won’t be a spoiler and mention any) So you just have to get it for yourself.


And I keep my word. 

My personal take on this book, is that everyone needs a copy. 

This is not a want; it is a NEED. You may not want to be a billionaire, but understanding money, and how it works is very important.

There are so many more books I would recommend for those willing to build their road to financial freedom, 

And this is the very first book you need, especially if you are a beginner, and not looking for all the technical language the finance people use.

The book is written as a story, with moral lessons, which teaches everyone, both the young and old, 

High earner and low earner, employer and employee, and whether you live in a developed country or in a third world country.

This review should show you what to expect in the book, and why a little investment in yourself will go a long way.

And what is that quote we hear a lot?


Sounds cheesy, but so true and will be of great benefit if you abide by it.

I hope you enjoyed this review, and if you did, get yourself a copy of the book ‘The Richest Man in Babylon’

And thank me later. 

Really, my inbox is open to you all (expect for spam, no one like that), or you can leave a comment below. 

Share this post with your friend and family, who you believe will benefit from reading this post and getting a copy for themselves.

A simple share will go a long way for me, as the writer, the platform, and you as the reader. 

You may just be the light in the dark tunnel…. (Ok I don’t want to lose track here but you get the point)

Share this post, leave a comment, and we will see you on our Blog again.

One thought on “Guest Post – The Richest Man in Babylon

  1. I have that little beauty as well, and I need to read it again, because even though I’ve recommended it to others for years, your review makes me realize I”ve forgotten what it says. How silly of me. Thank you.


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