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Half Sick of Shadows – Laura Sebastian

Found this book as an early release on Book of the Month. This book will be available on July 6.

Title: Half Sick of Shadows

Author: Laura Sebastian

Genre: Fantasy

Plot: Elaine is a young woman in the court of Camelot. She’s always been thought of as odd because of what she can do. Then she meets Morgana. She tells Elaine that she’s an oracle, she can see the future. Morgana begs hers to come to Avalon with her so she can learn more about her magic. Elaine accepts. There, she meets Gwen, Lancelot, and Arthur. They form a strong bond over the years on Avalon. When they return to Camelot so Arthur can claim his throne, their friendship is tested. They find another about to be crowned. But Merlin says if Arthur passes three tests, Arthur will be crowned king. As they start their tests, Elaine’s visions of the future become clearer. Can Elaine stop what we know as the classic Arthur’s tale? Or will what she see be prevented?

Rating: 4.0 – a new take on the tales of Arthur and Camelot

Opinion: I’ve always been curious about the tales of Arthur and his knights. I also love books from a different point of view. This book was a great book that combined both. Though this book focuses more on what the actions that led to the classic tales of Arthur and Camelot instead of those classic stories. This book does a great job with different types of magic. Though it focuses more on Elaine’s visions, it still describes Morgana and Gwen’s types of magic well, too. I also loved that Elaine took charge of her own future and was willing to make changes that could help her friends. She saw through the lies of those around her and did something about it. Though it took her a while to realize that she could make her own future. Once Elaine realized that, she helped her friends realize that, too. This is a great book for those who love retelling of classic stories from a different point of view. I recommend this book for those who love tales of Arthur and Camelot.

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