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The Judas Chronicles – Aiden James

Titles: Book 1 – Immortal Plague

Author: Aiden James

Genre: Fantasy

Plot: 1 – Judas Iscariot, the man who betrayed Jesus from the bible, is alive and well after hanging himself. He’s been cursed to live forever until he retrieves all 30 pieces of silver he received in payment for his betrayal. There’s rumors of one of the pieces of silver in a small city near Tehran, Iran. Using his connections from his long years of life, he finds a way to sneak in. His current name, William, he is asked by the US government to spy on a Russian operative. The Russian operative is up to something. They have a technology that will allow them to move the rocks in the Alborz Mountains with ease. Judas has to find out what the Russians are up to. Judas uses the help of his son, Alister, and his connections to help. Together they search for what the Russians are up to. Once they get there, Judas realizes that he knows who the Russians are, and what they are up to. But will he be able to stop the Russian’s plans? What are the Russians looking for? Can Judas find what he originally came for?

Rating: 3.2 – an interesting take on a biblical idea

Opinion: I got this book a while ago and finally gave it a try. While the idea is good, I don’t think it was executed very well. Everything seemed rushed. I didn’t feel like I could connect to the characters very well. Nothing seemed very fleshed out. The author seemed to skim over details about the characters, plot, and descriptions. Some of the character’s names are similar, too, which made it confusing for me to keep track of who was who at first. This was the first book in the series, but I felt like there was something I was missing. Like there was a prequel or another book I was supposed to read first. This was still an interesting book, it just wasn’t the most well executed book I’ve ever read.

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