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The Rainbow Fish – Marcus Pfister

Title: The Rainbow Fish

Author: Marcus Pfister

Genre: Children’s Book, Picture Book

Plot: Rainbow Fish is a fish with a bunch of shiny scales of which he’s very proud of. All of the other fish admire him, which only makes him prouder. One day, a little fish asks if they can have one of his scales. Rainbow Fish refuses, saying he doesn’t have to share anything. The little fish swims away crying. Soon none of the other fish want to talk with him, saying he’s being selfish. Rainbow Fish asks himself how this could be. A starfish overhears him and suggests he go see the octopus. But what will the octopus say? Will Rainbow Fish overcome his selfishness? Can he learn to share?

Rating: 4.0 – a good lesson in sharing

Opinion: This book provides a good lesson in sharing. It’s a great classroom read to teach children about sharing. It provides a great description of a way to share. While it’s a little long for the kids at work, they still loved it. The drawings are beautiful. I did a little review readings on Amazon, the top comments are super mean. They read too much into the book. It’s meant for kids and to teach them about sharing. They’re not going to look too much into the book for deeper meanings, they’re kids. If they do, they’ll ask questions the teacher/parent/guardian can address. While some points are valid, they adults can talk to the children about the issues arise after reading the book. It’s still a great book about sharing. It’s a great lesson for children to learn from. I highly recommend this book for a classroom and home book for its beautiful pictures and great message.

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