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Eden Series – Skillet

Titles: 1-Eden 2-Eden: The Aftermath

Author: John Cooper (1 & 2), Random Shock (1), Ryan O’Sullivan (2)

Illustrator: Chris Hunt 1 & 2

Genre: Graphic Novel, Dystopian Future

Plot: 1 – John and Korey Cooper help protect the town of Cottonville from outsiders and Rowdies (mutant creatures). Some think them strange for their glowing purple eyes. A new band of people arrive at the town’s borders. Some have glowing purple eyes as well. They want John and Korey to join their band. But something is off and the couple are suspicious. Then their battery that powers the machine that keeps them safe has been stolen. John and Korey follow the new band of people to return it. But the new band offers them a deal. Will John and Korey take the deal? Or will they find another way to save their town and family?

2 – John and Korey have saved Cottonville. But now a new threat has arrived. John is kidnapped and forced to fight in gladiator fights under a strict master. John and Korey’s kids have also been kidnapped. New friends Seth and Jen now must find the kids while Korey searches for John. Can John escape the gladiatorial fights and escape? Can Korey find him and bring him home? Can Seth and Jen find John and Korey’s kids? Can they all band the town together to save it?

Rating: 3.6 – a different kind of dystopian future

Opinion: I wasn’t sure what I was expecting with this series, but I ended up loving it. It was very different from most of the other dystopian future books I’ve read. I think mostly because this wasn’t a young adult series. This series actually focuses on trying to help others improve their lives in a healthy way. There is a focus more on family, too. The town protects each other, too. I loved that the series focused on love and belief, instead of what is wrong with the world. I do wish that I’d learned more about what life was like before the story took place. I do feel like the story was a bit disconnected and rushed, too. But overall, I loved this series so far. I’m curious to see how the Cooper’s and others power grows throughout the series. I’d recommend this series for those who enjoy graphic novels and dystopian futures.

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