Between Two Shores – Jocelyn Green

Title: Between Two Shores

Author: Jocelyn Green

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: Catherine Stands Apart is a half French, half Mohawk trader near Montreal, Canada during the French and Indian War. All is well with the trading post her and her father run until an old friend, Samuel, returns. Then the French army arrives and asks all able bodied women to help tend the fields while the men are away so the people of Montreal don’t starve. Catherine is hesitant but agrees. When the army finds out that Samuel is British, serving off a debt to Catherine’s father, they demand he help. While working in the fields, they learn valuable information. In confidence, Samuel tries to convince Catherine to escape with him. Reluctantly, she agrees. They learn more about each other’s journey during the five years they were apart. Can they make peace with each other? Or will their past and secrets tear them apart?

Rating: 4.0 – a good historical fiction book about the French and Indian War

Opinion: This was a great historical fiction book about a part of history I’m not as familiar with. I never got the chance to learn much about colonial life that didn’t center around the American colonies. There was a bit of common French phrases that were included in the book (as the book takes place in Quebec and Montreal), but were translated right after or easy to infer given the context. The one thing I that took me a minute to understand was that Catherine often called her dad by his first name. I might have missed reading that but I caught after a little bit. The ending of the book was bittersweet and was almost sad, but was written in a way that I was okay with how the book ending. This is a great books, it’s got lots of good history and some sappy romance, though a little bittersweet.

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