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A Dream Within a Dream – Mike Nappa & Melissa Kosci

This is book 3 of the Coffey and Hill series.

Title: A Dream Within a Dream

Authors: Mike Nappa & Melissa Kosci

Genre: Thriller

Plot: Samuel Hill has gone missing. Trudi Coffey knows he’s on a mission, but nothing outside of that. An FBI agent, police chief, and a traitor CIA agent all seem to think Trudi knows what Samuel’s up to and where he is. She tells them all no, but they’re keeping tabs on her. Out of the blue, Samuel appears and tells Trudi he’s after a art forger, called Dream, who knows where some stolen art was hidden. Dream was forced into the business by the Irish mob. Then starts the game of cat and mouse. Who’s going to find Dream first? Who can help him figure out the missing pieces of his memory? Who will find the missing art first? Did Dream really commit the crime he’s accused of? Or was he framed?

Rating: 4.0 – a good thriller of cat and mouse

Opinion: This was a good continuation of the Coffee and Hill series. Though I wish I’d reviewed the first two books before I read this one. The main characters referenced some characters in the first two a couple times. But the more they talked about the past cases, the more pieces I remembered. This book was more steady paced with less lulls than the first two books. There were flashbacks thrown in which threw me for a loop at first. Most chapters have character viewpoint switches. Each chapter backtracks a moment from the last chapter. That bugged me a little at first, but then I enjoyed it because it let me follow along easier as things got more complicated. I wish the ending wrapped everything nicer. The ending seemed a little messy to me. Most things were wrapped up, but I’m not sure I believe the endings. I hope there’s another book in the works that answers the few questions I still have.

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