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Artemis 4-6 – Lindsey Stirling

Here are Artemis Issues 1-2, and 3

Titles: Artemis Issues 4-6

Author: Lindsey Stirling

Artists: Emily Chow, Rodrigo Luff, Damination, Anna Maria Navaja, Yato, Matt Krotzer, Zeablast

Genre: Fantasy, Comic Books

Plot: Issue 4 – Artemis has been captured by the goddess, Nyx. She’s convinced Artemis that if she helps Nyx she’ll really be helping everyone. If Artemis doesn’t help, she’ll kill her Uncle Sol. Artemis resigns and helps Nyx round up the rebellion leaders. Artemis knows where the rebellion is located and takes Nyx’s army there. While she is rounding everyone up, she finds their leader who happens to be her best friend. What will Artemis do next?

Issue 5 – Artemis has found hope again. She’s decided to help the rebellion. She frees her friend, Cece, and others. Together they start looking for the gulag where the rest of the rebellion is being held. But Nyx’s army is there blocking their escape from the gulag. Will Artemis and her friends be able to escape?

Issue 6 – Artemis and her friends have escaped the gulag. Now she must figure out how to defeat Nyx. Luckily, she’s learned about her past. She knows who she truly is. Nyx tries hard to keep her power, and her plan is nearly complete. Artemis’s power has grown and soon overwhelm Nyx. Her family able to rejoin her and helps trap Nyx so the true balance can be returned to the world.

Rating: 4.0 – a good conclusion to the series

Opinion: This was a great ending to the Artemis series. This has been a great series about learning about self worth. There will be people who knock you down, but there will be friends who still see your worth. There’s also been leaning that it’s not always about destroying the bad guys but finding a balance in life. Light can’t exist without dark. Good still conquered evil, but didn’t destroy it. I loved the artwork in this book. It was very beautiful. I found it interesting that each type of person has their own color of speech bubble. It made knowing who was talking easier to figure out. This series is great for anyone who enjoys comic books and enjoys Lindsey Stirling’s music.

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