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Project Hail Mary – Andy Weir

Title: Project Hail Mary

Author: Andy Weir

Genre: Sci-Fi

Plot: Dr. Ryland Grace is humanity’s last hope. He just can’t remember it yet. He wakes up from a coma lost and confused in a spaceship. Dr. Grace starts doing some tests to see what’s going on. He learns he’s not only in space, but in another galaxy entirely. As his memories return, he learns he’s on a mission to find out why a different star isn’t reacting to the Astrophage, what people are calling space algae that’s causing our sun to dim. He needs to find out what to do about the Astrophage in order to save humanity. Soon Dr. Grace learns he’s not alone by the sun. There’s an alien spaceship right next to him. But is the alien friendly or aggressive? Can Dr. Grace still find a way to save humanity?

Rating: 4.3 – an accurate sci-fi with lots of humor

Opinion: This was a great book. This author is fast becoming one of my favorites. He combines accurate, and could be possible, with humor. Some of the humor is sometimes language learning based, not the stupid kind, but the funny relatable kind. The rest of the humor is sarcastic, which I love. There’s lots of science (and from what I stand it’s very accurate) but it’s easy to understand. There’s some humor mixed into the book as well. The alien race doesn’t have good eyesight and has evolved to use music and sound to learn about its environment and to communicate. I found it interesting that, before the characters learn to communicate, that all of the alien’s speech is written as music notes. I wish there could’ve been music lines to go with it so I could know which sounds where being made. I could figure out the rhythms and see that some sounds went up or down but not which sounds were being made. I absolutely loved this book and would highly recommend this book for anyone who loves sci-fi and humor.

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