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The Woman in the Green Dress – Tea Cooper

Title: The Woman in the Green Dress

Author: Tea Cooper

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: Fleur has just received the news that her husband, Hugh Richards. has died on Armistice Day of WW1. A Mr. Littlyton has informed her that Fluer’s inherited all of Hugh’s properties and money. She’s slow to accept the inheritance because she thinks Hugh’s still alive. Fleur decides to go claim Hugh’s things in Australia. But all is not what it seems. The more Fleur learns about Hugh’s past, the more mysteries she uncovers. What happened to Hugh’s properties? Was Hugh really who he said he was? Can Fleur uncover all of the secrets of the past?

Rating: 3.5 – a slow start but interesting historical fiction

Opinion: This was an interesting historical fiction. It took me a while to figure all of the characters out. Some of the names are similar and are introduced pretty quickly. It was fine once I got all the characters sorted out in my head. The book also started out slowly. It took a while for the plot to get going. Part of the reason was the plot jumps back and forth between 1919 and 1853 and had two different stories. It took me a while to figure out how much the stories connected. It ended up being a lot more than I thought it would. Overall this was a good book, a little confusing at first, but a good book. It was interesting to learn more about a different country’s past and origins. This is a good book for anyone who loves history.

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