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Pirate of My Heart – Jamie Carie

Title: Pirate of My Heart

Author: Jamie Carie

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: Lady Kendra Townsend has wanted for nothing. Then her uncle shows up asking for help saving him from financial ruin, Kendra’s father reluctant helps. It leaves them almost destitute. Then her father dies, and her uncle tries his best to marry her off to save the family. Her uncle demands she marry or be shipped off to the newly freed colonies. Kendra chooses the later. The captain, Dorian Colburn, on the ship is a stern man, who’s used to having his orders followed. Kendra’s ways make him question himself. Slowly, they start forming a bond. Everything is shaken again when Angeline shows up on shore, obviously flirting with him. Dorian delivers Kendra to her aunt and uncle. But even then not everything is as it seems. Can Kendra find out what’s going on with her aunt and uncle? Can Kendra and Dorian save their relationship?

Rating: 4.0 – a sweet and sappy historical fiction

Opinion: This was a surprisingly good book. It’s been sitting on my Kindle for years but I never got around to reading. I got it when I was super into reading sappy romantic historical fiction books. I still enjoy them but not as much as I did. I finally gave it a chance and really enjoyed it. It was still sappy but Kendra and Dorian’s relationship grew over the course of the book. They fell in love slowly, which I enjoy more. Though the last little hitch in the book could’ve been avoided if they’d communicated but where’s the fun in that? I suspected something that happened in the book was a prominent character’s fault and was right, but was hinted at strongly through the book. I loved the Christian faith intertwined in the book, too. I wasn’t expecting it to be as involved with the book as it was. It was a very happy surprise. This is a great book for anyone who loves sappy romance and historical fiction.

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