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The Keeper of Night – Kylie Lee Baker

Title: The Keeper of Night

Author: Kylie Lee Baker

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult

Plot: Ren is a Grim Reaper, but only half. Her mother was a Japanese Shinigami, her father was a Reaper. She lives in London with the Reapers. Her brother Neven is the only one who doesn’t torment her because she’s half Shinigami. When she loses control and hurts a High Reaper, Ren and Neven flea. They travel to Japan and meet Hiro. He’s an outcast like Ren. Hiro takes them to Izanami’s palace. Izamami is the ruler of the Shinigami and Yomi, the Japanese underworld. Izanami gives Ren three tasks in order to become a true Shinigami. Hiro offers to help so he can get back in good standing with Izanami. Neven is unsure but Ren trusts him. Should Hiro be trusted? Can Ren complete her tasks? Will she ever be truly accepted in either society?

Rating: 3.8 – a different take on Grim Reapers

Opinion: This was a great book. I loved learning about a different culture. I don’t know much about Japanese culture. It was great to learn more about that culture and their take on death. The idea of a whole society of Grim Reapers was really interesting. The world building was well done. The characters were interesting and relatable. The one thing I don’t love about this book was that the ending seemed a little rushed. It kind of felt disconnected with the rest of the book. Ren’s character development went a different way than most main characters arcs. I’m glad that there’s a second book in the works. I hope Ren finds a way to redeem herself. I did like the change in chapter titles. It’s in a more Japanese style. The cover art for the book is amazing. It made me curious about the book in the first place. This is a good book for anyone who wants to learn about a new culture and a different kind of main character arc.

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