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A Flicker in the Dark – Stacy Willinghan

This is an early release I picked from Book of the Month. It’s going to be released January 11.

Title: A Flicker in the Dark

Author: Stacy Willinghan

Genre: Thriller

Plot: Dr. Chole Briggs is a physiologist who’s finally starting to feel comfortable with her life. When Chole was 12, her family was turned upside down when they learned her father was a serial killer in their hometown. A news reporter starts to make her nervous when he wants a 20th anniversary of her father’s spree. Then more teenage girls start to disappear. It looks similar to what her father did. But her father’s in jail, so who is behind the murders? Chole wants to help find the killer but the police don’t want her help. Then she finds some evidence around her house and work place. Chole is running out of people to trust. Who can she trust? Can the police find who’s behind the murders? Who will the killer outwit them?

Rating: 4.3 – a good thriller

Opinion: This was a great book. I kept me on edge the whole time. Especially towards the end, I couldn’t put the book down. I wanted to know if my suspicions were true. Though I had my suspicions of two or three of the characters. In different ways, my suspicions came true. There were good plot twists throughout the book. And a few other plot points to throw suspicions on other characters. Two parts of the ending kind of confused me. I had to reread it to make sure I understood what was going on. Even though some of my suspicions were confirmed, it was different than I expected. I highly recommend this book for anyone who loves thriller.

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