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Stellaluna – Janell Cannon

Title: Stellaluna

Author and Illustrator: Janell Cannon

Genre: Children’s Book, Picture Book

Plot: Stellaluna is a baby bat who fell out of her nest one night after an owl attack. She lands in a bird’s nest. The birds accept her only if she forgets how to be a bat and learns to be a bird. One day Stellaluna and her baby birds went too far away, got tired, and stop for the night. Stellaluna learns she can see in the dark. But can she get her and her friends home? Will she ever find her own family again?

Rating: 4.0 – a good story about friends and family

Opinion: This was a great kid’s book. I’ve always loved this author growing up. Her books are always loved her messages in her books. There’s a message of friendship and belonging. This book also talks about that it’s okay to be different. Differences are good, too. I love the pictures in this book. They’re so well done. I recommend this book for older children, as there a page of words next to the page of picture. It’s a great story for kids and belongs in all classes.

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