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A Refuge Assured – Joselyn Green

Title: A Refuge Assured

Author: Joselyn Green

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: Vivienne is a lacemaker in France in the late 1700’s, during the French Revolution. She’s in fear for her life as she’s made lace for Marie Antoinette and therefore royalty. When her aunt dies, she finds a letter from her late mother about passage to the newly created United States. But the letter is from Armond, who could possibly her estranged father. Vivienne is determined not to like him on their journey. He still offers her all the help she needs, any of which she declines. Vivienne finds her own way in the United States. But the French Revolution follows Vivienne to her new home. One of her neighbors has a son, Henri, that could possibly be the lost dauphin, the crown prince Louis-Charles. Jacobins, the people responsible for the revolution,are looking for him. Who can Vivienne trust? Can she keep Henri safe?

Rating: 4.0 – a slow start historical fiction

Opinion: I wasn’t sure about this book when I first started. I though it was going to be super dramatic. But it turned out to be a super interesting book. I didn’t know much about the French Revolution and I loved learning more about it. I didn’t know how much the United States wanted to help France and how much they did to help. It was also interesting to learn a little more about Alexander Hamilton and why he didn’t continue with his Secretary of Treasury position. I was pleasantly surprised that there were elements of faith throughout the book. It wasn’t the main theme of the book, but I’m glad it was there. This was a surprisingly good book. I highly recommend this book for anyone who loves sappy romantic book and historical fiction books.

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