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Lamp Black, Wolf Gray – Paula Brackston

Title: Lamp Black, Wolf Gray

Author: Paula Brackston

Genre: Fantasy, Historical Fiction

Plot: Laura and Dan have just bought a house in the Welsh countryside. Laura hopes it will give them a new start where they can start their family after years of trying. But the stress is still there with Dan still working in London and Laura packing and unpacking by herself. Then Laura meets Rhys and at first, sparks fly. Then one of Laura’s friends arrive and reminds Laura of what’s at stake if she keeps up her relationship with Rhys. All the while, a ghost from the past keeps appearing and wanting something from her. Then one of her friends gets hurt while visiting her while visiting. Can Laura save her marriage? Or will she go with Rhys? Who is this ghost and what connection does it have with Laura and her house? Will Laura’s friends be safe?

Rating: 3.5 – an interesting part of Merlin’s story

Opinion: This was an interesting story. I really enjoyed learning about the history of Merlin. I liked this take on his magic and how connected he was with real parts of history. I connected with Laura and wanted her to make the right choices. I’m glad when she did and wanted to make things right in the end. I’m glad she saw through Rhys and finally stood up to him. I also felt for Merlin and Megan. Both wanted to do what was right and saw what was wrong in their world. My heart broke at the end of their story. But I’m glad about what happened at the end of the story when both stories came together. I’m glad the characters were able to work through some of the their differences and save their marriages. I’ve always loved how this author combines history and fantasy. She does a good job going back and forth between past and present. There’s good spacing between changes in the point of view. I highly enjoyed this book and would recommend it for anyone who loves fantasy and historical fiction.

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