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The Lady’s Mine – Francine Rivers

Title: The Lady’s Mine

Author: Francine Rivers

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: Kathryn Walsh has just moved out to Calvada, California during the gold rush. Her mother and step father disinherited her after her latest debacle, joining the feminists. But her late uncle, on her father’s side, left her mother some property in Calvada. Kathryn’s mother gave it to her to get Kathryn out of the picture. All of the men in Calvada gawk at her. They tell her she doesn’t fit in, or want to marry her. Kathryn is bound and determined to make a life for herself by herself in Calvada. But everything is not what it seems. Her uncle’s death was not as straightforward as she thought. Calvada’s more lawless than she thought. Matthias Beck and Morgan Sanders both vie for her affections. But only one truly admires her spunk as she starts up the newspaper her uncle ran. Then she adds a milliner’s shop to her business. The men are surprised by her success and that she voices the truth in her newspaper. Can Kathryn keep up her ideals? Or will she be forced to compromise? Will Kathryn stay single like she’s always planned? Or will someone win her heart?

Rating: 4.3 – a sappy historical fiction

Opinion: This was a great book. I’ve always loved Francine River’s books. This was another great one. I enjoyed the attention to details in the book. This book gives great insight into what happened to women when they got married without being a lecture. I enjoyed the main characters. They’re well written and I could relate to them. Kathryn was a strong, independent woman in a time when women weren’t supposed to be. She stayed true to her ideals and refused to compromise. Matthias was a good man with a good heart. He respected Kathryn and her wishes. The one little thing that bugged me with the book was who killed some of the characters. The plot keeps moving away and coming back to the character’s deaths and who killed them. It’s a mystery for most of the book. I was starting to be okay with not knowing who killed them because the plot had moved away from that part of the story long enough. It was one of those, ‘wait what? they did it?’ moments I felt came out of nowhere. It was kind of glossed over because the plot quickly returned to other things. But this was still an amazing book. I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend it for anyone who loves a sappy historical fiction book.

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