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The Cartographers – Peng Sheperd

Title: The Cartographers

Author: Peng Sheperd

Genre: Mystery, Realistic Fiction

Plot: Dr. Nell Young has been working at an antique map creation shop since her father fired her from the New York Public Library and ruined her career over a disagreement of a “junk map.” Then Nell gets news that her father died. The initial report says he had a heart attack. When the library is robbed and someone else dies, the police take a second look. Nell starts looking closer at a map she took from her father’s things. She thinks it may be connected with the break in at the library. Nell decides to do some research about the map’s origins. But the more she learns about the map, the more she learns about her father’s past. Nell starts learning secrets about the map her father’s friends meant for her to learn. What secrets do the map contain? Can Nell learn what really happened to the map’s originally? Or will whomever’s behind the robbery find her first?

Rating: 3.7 – an interesting mystery with a good twist

Opinion: This was a great book. The mystery of the book was well thought out. The plot twists were well spaced out, which led to less slumps in the reading. There were lots of good clues left throughout the book if you knew where to look. I found it interesting that Nell’s parents friends took turns providing the information of the map’s origins and what really happened to it. The one thing that felt a little fuzzy on details was a secret on the map. It felt a little to unrealistic for the setting of the book. It almost felt too fantastical for something that was supposed to be set in the real world. It didn’t fit with the rest of the book. The ending left the book open if the author wanted to create a sequel down the road. I liked the ending cause it left hope that everything worked out in the end and will work out after the ending takes place. Overall this was a great book and I really enjoyed it. Even with the different kind of twist than what I’m used to. This is a great book for anyone who enjoys a mystery with an interesting twist.

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